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Monday, August 3, 2009

Oaklee's Birthday Party at the Park in Ogden May 9, 2009

Oaklee's Birthday Party at the Park in Ogden
May 9, 2009

" We can Learn a lot from Children,
through interaction and observation" ~ ABH 06'

Oaklee, my cute Niece celebrated her 3rd birthday at the Park in Ogden. It was a blast. She cracks me up. Her favorite saying is; "I do it, I do it myself!" She is such a mini Elizabeth (her mom) in that way. We had pizza, cake and drinks. It was kind of a chilly day but it didn't rain which was way good. She recieved a bike from Jory's (her dad) paren'ts. When she got on it to ride she didn't want to have anyone help her at all it made me laugh. Oaklee fell off twice, but got right back up again and had not trouble after that, she was actually laughing at herself for that reason. I had to laugh because that is so me, because I fall I laugh at myself. I didn't get a picture of this. After she opened all of her presents including mine which was a Mrs. Mermaid Potato Head, she wanted to play with it then and there. Elizabeth told her that was not a good idea because she didn't want her to loose any of the pieces. After the party was all cleaned up Oaklee Haelee (Older sister and Brittany wanted to play at the Park, which was right by where we were.. Oaklee wanted to swing in this one swing that she couldn't fall out of... Oh once she was in there she didn't want to get out of it.. However back stepping a second before she did the swing she Haelee and Brittany went and played on the climber and slide. I got some way cute Pictures of them playing together.. The First Picture on here is Oaklee on the Climber and she got right up in the Camera and and said Cheese!!! However when it was time to go she didn't want to get off the swing.. Elizabeth and Jory decided that Oaklee needs a swing set in the backyard. She doesn't have one yet but one of these days she will have one. I was the only one to get her off her swing... It was a very fun party. I am glad that I was able to go.. The dates kept getting changed around... There was too many things going on in May, so I almost didn't make it.

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