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Friday, April 4, 2014

A Book Review of Michelle Madow's The Secret Diamond Sisters By, Amy Halbern

A Book Review of 
Michelle Madow's
The Secret Diamond Sisters
By, Amy Halbern
April 4, 2014

The Secret Diamond Sisters was such a great read!! I am sad when it came to an end. I wish November was here so I can read "Diamonds in the Rough" This story is like an Onion it was so many layers to it, along with such different characters. I usually don't give a spill on my feelings with each character however with this story I will. I will start with the Diamond Sisters. First There is Peyton who reminds me of Peyton of of "One Tree Hill" She has so much anger inside along with a deep rooted protection of her sisters. She feels like she doesn't fit in anywhere and who also wants to be happy. Peyton has not had good luck with guys since 9th grade which is too bad and with that she doesn't trust anyone except her sisters. I hope that there will be an amazing guy for her while she is in Las Vegas and that she finds happiness. Next is Courtney who wants to be loved and accepted by all especially her dad Adrian. She reminds me of Haley off of "One Tree Hill" She is smart and beautiful and wants to also find where she belongs. I love how she cares about her sisters and wants them to be happy. I am shipping she and Brett and hope that things will work out for them because she truly deserves happiness. I loved how she said that she finally feels happy and she doesn't have to worry about taking care of the bills and her mom. I feel that while living in Las Vegas she will unravel so many different mysteries especially the mystery of her baby book and why she was kidnapped. Then there is Savannah who reminds me of Brooke off of "One Tree Hill" sweet innocent Savannah who needs to take her own advice and not listen to Evie because she is not one to shovel out advice. Nick seems like a way good guy but he is for sure hiding something. I don't know how I feel for her feelings for Damien. I hope that she gets her love of singing off the ground and gets discovered while in Las Vegas. Finally there is Madison wow she is quite the piece of work. I don't like her she seems like she is out to destroy everyone's happiness. I feel she and Oliver deserve each other. She is insecure and needs to kind to people sounds like she needs a slice of humble pie. Madison is going to get what is coming to her.. Onto the Guys of the story. I am going to start with Adrian, wow talk about layers. I am not sure how I feel about him. I feel like he cares about his daughters but I am not sure how deep that affection goes. He is definitely hiding a lot of things. Next is Brett. Brett is my favorite he is genuine and kind and cares a lot about Courtney. I feel like he is not a fake and is true to his character. I hope that he and Courtney can be together. Next is Oliver. Wow what a D-bag, Jerk, scum of the earth uses people to his liking and is a miserable guy who is so insecure he doesn't know whether he should be a good guy and be himself. Next is Damian who I also feel is a d-bag and Jerk and is also insecure I feel like he has a lot of growing up to do and decide who the heck he wants because sorry Damian you can do so much better than Madison she is not interested in you. Next is Nick. I think he like Brett is genuine and kind. I feel his feelings for Savannah are true and he doesn't BS about things. I feel he wants to get over Madison and be happy as well. Geez that girl sure knows how to string them along. I do think besides his good qualities he is hiding something. Finally there is Jackson poor Guy I know he likes Peyton but I am glad that he keeps her in check and is honest with her from the get go but who knows.
    I really enjoyed this book. I felt I was there with Savannah, Peyton and Courtney living it up in Las Vegas. I loved reading about the parties, the shopping and my favorites of course were Courtney and Brett's Adventures. I also loved how Michelle explored the world of the growing pains of teenagers. I know I can relate to the variety of emotions that these characters go through. I think that Courtney is my Favorite out of the Diamond Sisters. I can't wait to read more when Diamonds in the Rough comes out in November. I highly recommend this book!