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My Name is Amy Bess Halbern... AKA Besse, Ames Amo etc. I am considered a very extraordinary person by all... I love life but have my struggles but who doesn't it... I am one of those who loves to travel and see the world and meet new people... my friends and family are awesome and I am very blessed to have them in my life...

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I took this trip to California with some friends a few years ago, and here are a couple pictures that I decided to post.. The center picture is of my friend shar aka Sparky.. She would kill me if she knew that I posted this picture or any picture of her.. She and I are alike in that way I rather be the one taking the picture than being in the picture...oh well... The two other pictures are of sea animals taken at Sea World... I love sea animals they are so cute and fun to observe they are really amazing creatures... I really think that when God created animals he for sure had a wonderful imagination or mind to put all sorts of interesting and beautiful creatures...Any way we spent time in San Diego and LA both places that I have relatives.. Well in San Diego I don't have relatives that live there any more they have past on... However my Nana Bea lives in Beverly Hills so that was fun to go stay with her for a week.. My friends got a big kick out of Nana Bea they all thought that she was awesome.. She is for sure one of the girls that loves life and everything in it well most everything... I know that I have not put any pics of me but I will...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today has been a crazy busy day but what else is new!!!
yesterday was president's day and I really don't celebrate days
like that except for the fact that it is a day off of work so I am not
complaining... I made a joke to my dad about how I Love celebrating birthdays of corrupt politains,,, he laughed.. ( not all presidents were corrupt just a few~) So today my pre-schoolers were pretty under control today...
except I have one child that seems to have a hard day everyday and I

have been working with his mom on consistency in the home,
because he...
will get into the routine mid week
but then he will come back on monday

and we have to start all over with him.. He is a great kid
who is very smart that...
just needs a little extra help but over all he does well.
I love teaching I am glad that
I went into this field Kids are great,
they offer so much who love learning...

" Knowledge in Power
~ Francis Bacon

Mill Creek Canyon,
is one of those places that is beautiful no
matter what time of year that you go..
My mom Sister and started snow shoeing
a few years ago so we decided to research areas that
have snow shoe trails and this happens to have one
that is difficult but fun...

" You're not a failure unless you quite trying"
~ President Hinckley

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

So These pictures were taken at the Peter Brienholt Concert at Sundance with my mom and sister.. My mom looks really thrilled that I took a picture of her.. Any way so It is still snowing. I was actually enjoying having a few days that the weather was actually nice... I am so looking forward to spring my friend Rachel and I are counting down the days when we can play tennis... who knows the way that the weather is going maybe we will play in July...

Monday, February 11, 2008

I don't know about you all... But this winter has been long and cold.... I really try to look past the gloominess of winter but sometimes it is really hard... Today however was a gorgeous day! My pre-schoolers were excited to go out side and play after rest time... They weren't just excited but jumping for joy... I am so looking forward to spring time... I love the first signs of spring ie; flowers, birds chirping, it stays lighter later and doesn't get dark at 6..
On the other hand this picture was taken in December of 2005. at the old run down Indian School in Brigham City. My friend Brenda and I swore that it was haunted... AHHHHH!!
Enjoy the day or CaRpE DiEm...

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Infamous Bergorf Sschwartz Halbern March 2006

Bergie is her name and Getting into Trouble is her favorite thing.. I guess I wouldn't say trouble but mischevious is something that she for sure is... Anyway she is the Family Puppy well my parents claim her even though she thinks that she runs the roost... She is the sweetest puppy and lots of fun.... well except when she is not chewing up my stuff. However she is 2 now so she is not quite a puppy even though she acts like one, but that is okay.. Dogs are such great animals they bring such joy and Happiness into everyone's life...