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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today has been a crazy busy day but what else is new!!!
yesterday was president's day and I really don't celebrate days
like that except for the fact that it is a day off of work so I am not
complaining... I made a joke to my dad about how I Love celebrating birthdays of corrupt politains,,, he laughed.. ( not all presidents were corrupt just a few~) So today my pre-schoolers were pretty under control today...
except I have one child that seems to have a hard day everyday and I

have been working with his mom on consistency in the home,
because he...
will get into the routine mid week
but then he will come back on monday

and we have to start all over with him.. He is a great kid
who is very smart that...
just needs a little extra help but over all he does well.
I love teaching I am glad that
I went into this field Kids are great,
they offer so much who love learning...

" Knowledge in Power
~ Francis Bacon

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