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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

City of Heavenly Fire Book Review

City of Heavenly Fire 
Book Review 
By, Amy Halbern 

" Freely we serve 
Because freely we love, 
as in our will to love
or not; in this we stand
or fall."
~ The Shadowhunter Codex  
By, Cassandra Clare
  what a great ending to such an amazing series!!! City of Heavenly Fire was the longest out of all the books in the series! I was sad when it came to an end!! I loved how there was so much reflection of the past five books. I really enjoyed getting to know Emma, Julian and some of the new shadowhunters that will be in the Dark Artifices that is coming out in 2015. Emma is quite the spitfire she really reminded me of Clary at the beginning of the series. Emma has a lot of the stubbornness that is so much the way Clary is. Julian is sweet and kind and really cares a lot for Emma and the rest of his family. There was so much loss in this last book, it got me teary-eyed a few times. There was a lot of closure with some of the characters. I feel that the main characters got their happy endings. I honestly didn't know how this book was going to end I kept thinking halfway through it, it has got to get better. I feel that there was a lot of deeper character development with some of the characters that we didn't know that well throughout the series. I loved how the story was written from many POV's. I feel that Cassandra Clare did a beautiful job concluding this story, and setting up the next story with some of the new characters, what a great way to transition into the next series. I absolutely love how we got to see some of the old beloved characters from The Infernal Devices, that was a real treat!!! Finally I love the end with everyone we love together  having such a kindred spirit moment. I am sad to say goodbye to this series and what a crazy adventure it was but I am also excited to read The Dark Artifices! I highly recommend this series!