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Monday, October 13, 2014

Black Ice Book Review October 13, 2014

Black Ice 
A Book Review by,
Amy Halbern
October 13, 2014

"Danger is hard to resist"

Becca Fitzpatrick really knows how to put the T in Thriller and the C in Crazy. Like her Hush Hush Series, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! I fell in love with Black Ice from the first to the last. I could not put this book down! It was like being on the ride wicked at Lagoon, the craziness of the story kept going and there were so many twists and turns. At first Britt and Korbie's friendship kind of reminded me of Vee and Nora, but as the story progressed on they couldn't be more different. I felt like Korbie was selfish and it was always all about her and she wanted Britt to cater to her and her needs and wants and it didn't matter what Britt wanted. However Korbie did agree to go on the back packing trip even though she didn't want to, but as the story progressed and chaos started to wreak havoc on their lives Korbie didn't have a problem letting Britt know how she felt about the situation. Britt went into this back packing trip with a different motive to see her ex Calvin and prove she could back pack through the Tetons. Britt was the kind of character that depended solely on others. At the beginning she was like this but as the story progressed she became strong and independent. Calvin is an interesting character from the start to the finish of the book. I didn't really know how I felt about his character. I liked all the back stories on him so we as the reader could see what he was like as a kid to a grown man. I honestly felt really sorry for him, he had a very tough up bringing. His father made life for Calvin a true nightmare. I was shocked when the truth about him came out I was like what?!!!He never really treated Britt all that well from the start and then she starts to see through all the lies and deception. Mason Aka Jude I didn't know how I felt at first especially the first time we meet him at the 7 eleven, he came across arrogant, and a player. However as the story progressed he was not as selfish as we thought. He really helped Britt become the strong independent person she always was but didn't quite know it. His story was a very interesting one as well.. He ended up being the Hero of the story and I didn't see that one coming as well. I loved all the interactions between he and Britt. whenever you have bantering between characters that develop feelings for each other, that always makes my day! Then there is Shaun he was interesting he didn't stick around long enough to really get to know his character, however his back story is also interesting. I liked him at first then his mean cruel side came out and lets just say he had it coming... I love how Becca Fitzpatrick describes landscapes, what the characters are wearing and comparing their feelings inside to water, sun, smooth surfaces, warmth etc... I loved the ending. I loved how all the mysteries of the missing girls are solved and the map ended up being  the key to the mysteries. I was sad it was over I would love to read more about Britt, Jude and her new friends that she meets and becomes besties with at college. I highly recommend this book!