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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Diamonds In the Rough Book Review October 5, 2014

Diamonds In the Rough
A Book Review 
By, Amy Halbern

"Sisterhood First Crushes
And Scandalous Secrets 
Explode In Book 2 Of Michelle Madows Riveting 
The Secret Diamond Sisters" 

Michelle Madow, has become on of my favorite Authors. After Reading The Secret Diamond Sisters, I couldn't wait to pick up Diamonds in the Rough. In the first book we get to know the Diamond sisters on the surface which was a great start, however we really get to know Savannah, Peyton and Courtney on such personal level. I felt that this story was for sure an emotional coaster for me to read. I loved how the story evolved so much from the first book. There was so much mystery that unfolds in Diamonds in the Rough. The Diamonds Sister experience so much and grow so much through the heartaches and pains of their past. I felt that we as readers get to know Adrian and Rebecca More and they don't seem so distant anymore. Courtney learns a lot about her past, her kidnapping that she knew so little of from the first story, she also discovers who she can really trust and rely on. I absolutely love she and Brett's "Friendship" I put that in quotes because I don't want to give too many spoilers away lol! I also love how Courtney stayed true to herself and didn't change for anyone but for herself. Peyton who I still feel like is a lost soul but not as much as she was in the beginning of  the story, she doesn't have a huge chip on her shoulder as she once did, I hope she finds someone who will love her for her. I also enjoyed how she also evolved in this story. I feel that she is showing more trust to those who truly care and love her. To be honest her character drove me crazy but I am liked her a lot more in Diamonds in the Rough. Savannah wow that girl has been on a roller coaster of craziness, with her friends, love life, her YouTube channel, and family situations. I feel that she has a lot more of a back bone in Diamonds in the Rough, then she did in The Secret Diamonds Sisters. It was fun to read about her best friendship with Evie and too see how Evie did with her current friends in which are so superficial, it is so ridiculous how superficial her volleyball friends are. Without giving too much away lets just say that Savannah gets some awesome time in the lime light. I hope that she gets some awesome happily ever time with her guy of choice and her blooming singing career. Madison as crazy as it sounds is growing on me. I still am not sure about her but she is not thinking all about herself as much as she did in the beginning, concerning some new information that has come to light that when it is revealed will change everyone's life. I hope that she stays this way and continues to evolve into more and more of a selfless character. Brett is seriously my favorite guy character. I wish I had a guy in my life like him. Brett is the most caring loving selfless person. I loved all the Brett/Courtney moments. I loved how much his character evolved in this story. Damien is turning out to be a way good guy I am really shipping he and Savannah at the moment. Oliver wow not much to say about him!! lol! I just hope the best for him.. I loved how Adrian is finally being more of a father to his daughters. In the first book he seemed so selfish and he didn't care about them. However my opinion of him has changed and I really like him, for now... This story had mystery, romance, scandal, teary-eyed moments, and what matters most, family. I loved this story to start to finish. I loved how I felt that I was right there going to the Halloween Parties, Savannah's birthday party, which was wow I would love to have a party like that, family trips, shopping with the Diamond Sisters, and wanting to hug them when they needed  a shoulder to cry on. I loved it from start to finish.. Lets just say that I had a big smile on my face for many reasons at the end of the story!!! I can't wait to read the next story!! I highly recommend this book!

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