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Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Crazy Twilight/Multanomah Falls Road Trip with Reb July 2009

My Crazy Twilight/Multanomah Falls Road Trip
July 2009

"Trust your Crazy ideas, no matter
how crazy they turn out to be."

ABH 10'

Reb and I decided to go on this 3,000 mile round-trip road trip to Washington State and Oregon!! It was awesome!! I have been meaning to blog about this forever but never got around to do it. So here it is almost a year later and I am FINALLY blogging about it!! Anyway Reb came to me and said how would you like to do this road trip with me?? At first I was like hmmmm...I am not a huge fan of road trips but then she told me of some of the places that we would be going such as; Multanomah Falls, which is in Corbet Oregon, Portland, Vancouver, Seattle, Port Angeles, Forks, and to visit her Aunt, Uncle and Cousins in Yakima which is in Sunnyside Washington, otherwise known as the "Never Green side of the Evergreen State." Well I couldn't pass up on this opportunity especially since a lot of it was Twilight Related!!! I was 100% In. The place that we stayed for the majority of it was Ocean Shores Washington. Reb's parents' have a time share there, which this saved us a lot of money. However the downside to this besides it being rainy everyday there and we couldn't see the Ocean it was about 2 hours away from everything we were doing!! Oh well It was pretty much free!! Yay for that!! Reb and I had a lot of Adventures on this trip!! Some are spoken in Hush Tones!! so Shhhh!!! Reb and I had the opportunity to visit our friend Naomi and her husband in Portland!! Reb and I also were able to do a session at the Portland and Seattle Temple which was way awesome!! Let me tell you that Washington is such a beautiful place... However before I forget our last stop was in Idaho Falls Idaho to take pics of the waterfalls there!!

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Reb's photo world said...

I like how you portray me as listing Forks and Port Angeles. I recall originally only wanting to go to Oregon. I freely admit I pushed the fact that you can see Multnomah Falls in the Baseball scene in Twilight to my advantage. You suggested Fork and Port Angeles and I ran with it since it would get me what I wanted (which was to go to Multnomah Falls). But Truth is in the eye of the beholder! I am excited for repeat (as long as we don't stay 2 hours away from everything we want to do).

And how fortunate that we didn't have to jump 3 lanes or stay awake a straight 25 hours like our first road trip to Colorado!