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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Elementals; The Prophecy of Shadows Book Review March 13, 2016



 Prophecy of Shadows 

Book Review 

March 13, 2016


 Elementals; The Prophecy of Shadows is full of surprises at every turn. First you get to meet a group of amazing characters who you grow to love at the very beginning of the story. Each character brings so much to the story. Nicole who gets moved from sunny Georgia to cold Massachusetts has to adapt to not only the weather but discovering she is witch who has this incredible gift of healing others. Nicole is also part of a group of five who can control the Elements. Kate appears shy and keeps to herself really grows throughout this book. I also have a strong feeling that their will be some development between she and Chris. She also has the power to control one of the Elements but I won't give her power away. Chris is a fun loving character who appears to be the typical high school jock but cares a lot for these new friends that he bonds with throughout this book. Chris also has a great sense of humor, along with the the gift to control one of the Elements. Blake is a very beautiful boy who has this incredible connection with Nicole but who is also dating Danielle at the moment. Blake cares a lot for his new group of friends and is concern for their safety. Blake also has a gift to control one of the Elements. Then there is Danielle walks around with a chip on her shoulder who very possessive of her relationship with Blake. Sometimes I felt with Danielle she is so afraid of loosing him she forgets to show how much she cares about him. Danielle comes to care for the members of her group of news friends, friends who at the beginning she would never give to the time of day to. Lastly there is Darius who reminds me of Hodge Starkweather from The Mortal Instruments. Darius cares a lot about his students who he teaches and guides them to help the understand their powers and also use their powers for good. I love throughout this book you feel you are right along with them experiencing what they are experiencing with all the crazy adventures they go on to discover, find out and learn about the book of shadows. I loved the end when Nicole receives a very unique gift that is left for her outside her window, it's a perfect Segway for the Next installment of Elementals ; The Blood of Hydra.

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