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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

As You Are Book Review

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As You Are 
Sarah M. Eden 
Book Review
February 25, 2014


Like all other Sarah M. Eden books I loved this one as well. This story is amazing, heart-wrenching, silly, and romantic. Corbin is not like his other brothers at all. He is more reserve, shy, and not very confident. As the story rolls on he decides after advice from his brothers and Crispin that he needs to be himself. Besides Philip he is my favorite out of the Jonquil brothers. Clara is a true heroine of the story the trials that she endured from her past are absolutely horrific, along with what her nephew Edmund and daughter Alice had to endure. I loved how the Jonquil family, Crispin and yes even the Duke of Kielder ha ha! came to her rescue and showed that there are people who love and care about her and not want to hurt her. Corbin and Clara's relationship is quite comical its the typical assuming what the other might be thinking and whether if the other cares for the other person. I really loved how Sarah shed light on how it was for woman who didn't necessarily have a "knight in shining armor" come and rescue them. It also showed how powerless women were when it came to abusive situations and how it was all the woman's fault. I absolutely adored Edmund and Alice especially little Alice and how she calls Corbin Mister. It was also neat to see more of Mater's character and how she loves each of her sons and even cares a great deal for Clara and her children. I thought it was very sweet how she told Alice and Edmund to call her Grandma ma. I think some of my favorite parts were of Layton's daughter Caroline and Edmund. Caroline is quite the spit fire in this story. I loved the ending! It was great end to a fantastic story! I hope we get more of the Jonquil family stories. I highly recommend this book.

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