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Monday, June 10, 2013

The 59th Anniversary of The Tragedy at Oradour Sur Glane June 10, 1944

 The 59th Anniversary of 
The Tragedy at Oradour -Sur- Glane 
June 10, 1944
Oradour, France 

"Souviens -Toi"

Sad but something to always remember. On June 10, 1944, 4 days after the Germans were defeated at Normandy. Out of Pure Rage Hitler and his Nazi's marched to Oradour -Sur- Glane, a small town in France and Killed 642 Men, Women and Children,while blowing up the town. 

   I had the opportunity to visit there in 02' and while there we talked with a woman who was there the day it happened. She and her brother were hiding in the bushes and saw their parents killed. I seriously felt like some had dumped a ice cold bucket of water over me head. A moment I will always remember. As I was leaving I saw a photo of a little girl and boy and underneath it it said: "SOUVIENS-TOI" Always remember

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