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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sophie Halbern March 10, 2012

A Bitter Sweet Story of the Passing of Bergdorf Halbern 
& the new puppy Sophie Halbern
March 10, 2012 

" You Will find that there is always beauty and hope 
In even the most awful circumstances." 
~Bradley Trevor Grieve

 On Tuesday March 6, 2012. Bergie our sweet Cocker Spaniel got really sick. She had what is called an auto immune system, where the body attacks the red blood cells, and causes other things to happen as well. My mom took her to the vet everyday and they kept checking her blood count and gave her antibiotics. We all thought through the antibiotics and having her blood checked, thought she would make it through this. On early Friday Morning my parents took her to the doggy hospital in Salt Lake. The doctor there gave her a blood transfusion, which caused her to have a seizure. After the first blood transfusion she began to have swelling in the brain, and at the point there wasn't anything that the doctor could do. Hours later on Friday they called my parents and she was put to sleep. My parents decided before Hand that they were going to have her cremated. By cremating her they felt that it was a lot lot less painful, then having to bury her. The doctors at the hospital made us clay paw prints for us as a keepsake of Bergie. She will be missed. Bergie was such a sweet caring dog, who was my mom's companion, and my dad's best friend. She was also there to help us through all our hard times. Bergie also loved to play outside with her balls, rocks and anyother item she could find to chew. She may have only been with us for a short five years, she will be in our hearts foever! After all of this happened my parents decided to get a new puppy, which I believe is the best way with the healing process. My mom didn't want another Cocker Spaniel she wanted a Golden Retriever so my dad went on KSL and looked and luck or blessings would have it, we found one. My parents went and met with a breeder in Liberty Utah. Her name was Tessa and they were impressed with the family and decided that they would purchase one of the puppies. The puppy that they purchased was a sweet seven week old Golden who they named Sophie. I love her already. Sophie is a sweet cuddly puppy who likes to play, bite, and sleep a lot lol!  I feel that she is a God send. I know that when my dad was looking he would find the right one that we needed to help us during the healing process. My friend Jeanine has two Golden's and Emily's sister went and purchased one of Sophie's sister's the next morning after loosing their sweet Keesha. I told Jeanine we should start a club and call it the Golden Girls.I decided to do a mini photoshoot with her and here are some of the photos.


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