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My Name is Amy Bess Halbern... AKA Besse, Ames Amo etc. I am considered a very extraordinary person by all... I love life but have my struggles but who doesn't it... I am one of those who loves to travel and see the world and meet new people... my friends and family are awesome and I am very blessed to have them in my life...

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

" I am an artist too I too can create a masterpiece "
~ Quoted from a child as he was putting up his artwork for the art show!

As you all Know I teach Pre-school well that is one of my teaching jobs... Well here are a few of my very cute Pre-schoolers that I taught this year at WSU... We had a lot of fun!!! This Picture on the left is Abby she is very fun and way smart.. Right Above is Allison and Maiya they are two peas in a Pod and they love doing the Rain Dance!! Right Above them on the left is Taley.. She may be small but she is definitely a fire ball and loves to dance and sing... On the right hand side is my little entourage of friends... We were celebrating Mckay and Kenidy's birthday that day!!!! Grace who is 5 going on 25 (her parents always tell me that and they would be right) and then Brienna who is truly a princess if you know what I mean but she is loads of fun and loves to play dress up and talk on the pretend cell phones that we have... Teaching is a great expirence I am very glad and very blessed that I have had this opportunity...

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